I wrote my first love stories back in high school. If I knew then that I would become an author, I would have kept a copy of at least one of them. Still, I sincerely enjoyed writing the stories. I would hash out in my mind for several days through daydreams a romantic scenario until I had a solid story. With a solid idea in place, I began writing it down during the school day while I should have been paying attention during class, during lunch, or even in the privacy of a bathroom stall.

    Each story was always written only once on the lined paper of a spiral notebook depicting my deepest desires for romance, passion, and love that went wherever the story decided to take me. My only rules for writing were to stay true to the story. Never give more than the story demanded because it would then become a lie. And never allow fear of going too far weaken the story. Before the day was over, I would share my story with several friends so they too could fall in love. At the end of the day, I would read the story one more time before bidding it farewell. Shredding it into tiny pieces and throwing them away so my parents wouldn't find them. While this ritual caused me brief sorrow for love lost, I woke the next day brimming with new ideas of how to fall in love again in a whole new way.

     Today, having matured considerably in my understandings and experiences in love,  I may have looked back at my stories like the ridiculous ramblings of a love-struck teenager. However, my commitment to my stories has remained the same. Never write more or less than the story demands so others can enjoy them. That is why you will find that I will offer you novels and novelettes, and even short stories who obey my commitment. I hope you will love them.


Marie Q. Francois