Novellas & Short Stories

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My Brother's Keeper (Novelette)
December 2020

Marcus wished that falling for someone, on sight, wasn't possible. But that is exactly what he did when he met  Jordan, his brother Mile’s deliciously beautiful girlfriend. Ever a loyal brother, Marcus masked his desires in a series of shallow relationships and hookups. All failing to break her unseen hold on him.  Marcus’s heart finally received a reprieve when Jordan moved away. Only to have her return with it in the palm of her hands. Something has got to give...

The Professor (Short Story)
Released July 17, 2020

Imani sat back at her desk, twiddling with her necklace as the dark,  handsome, and sexy Professor Khalfani Walker entered the classroom. The Professor always came into class suited up with a determination to immerse his college students in African Literature. Yet all Imani could think about was if he would grant them one of his unassuming sensual smiles that made her melt. So far, those gorgeous dark brown eyes and luscious lips that had swooned many a female student had not noticed a single student’s attempt at flirting. Maybe today will be her lucky day.

The Kiss (Short Story)
Releasing January  2020