The Robertson Brothers Chronicles Kissed
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Kissed Awake (Novel)
Releasing TBA 2022

Maurice Robertson, eldest’s of the Robertson brothers and millionaire game designer, has learned that when it comes to women, keep it simple. No need for unrealistic commitments.  That is until, by a chance encounter with the beautiful Maimai, he gets a small taste of what true passion backed with emotion tastes like and begins craving more.

​Maimai St. Claire is yet again leaving a relationship with a guy her family would consider a prime marriage candidate. Is it too much to ask to have a real connection and not just one that looks good on Facebook? Deciding it was time for her to take a break from dating altogether. Can a brief and delicious encounter warm her to the idea of trying again?

Accidental Fan (Novel)
Releasing TBA 2022

If I told you, I would ruin Kissed Awake. I'll post it later.