• Marie Q. Francois

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive, Black is King.

I am going to take a moment and pause as I write this blog. (6 seconds of reflection now continue) After watching Beyoncé's Black is King, which is absolutely stunning, I had to tip my hat to her. Those of you who have heard or read my constant complaints of lack of images representing the beautiful and diverse shades of black women had to know that I would lose my sh… hush your mouth, after watching Black is King. The beauty display of these women of color, not fighting but embracing and uplifting each other, was moving. I even saw an albino beauty, which is the rarest for me to see displayed in all her glory. But Beyoncé didn't stop there. She showcased many other African and African American singers, rappers, dancers, actors, and models, all feeling the skin they are in. Bold, Beautiful, Sexy, and Vibrant are just a few of the words that would describe it. And I'm not just talking about the women and men in this work of art. The outfits were artistic representations of the diverse African continent and on a level all of their own.

I wish I could find a way to show these images to you, but very few have been released on the internet and trust me, get Disney Plus and see it for your self. I got Disney Plus for Hamilton and held unto it for Beyoncé. Best money spent. Watching this reminded me how everyone stepped out styling in their African clothes for Black Panther, which I admit I was a part of. I love dressing this way on many occasions. But after watching this, I'm going out on another level when Black Panther 2 comes out. Beyoncé may no be the first to embrace the diverse beauty of African culture, but I hope it continues the push the industry. Though truthfully, I could babble for days about this, I will end with this blog with a sigh and say, "Sit back and embrace yourself as you watch the beautiful artistic imagery in Black is King.

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