• Marie Q. Francois

Ghosting of Images of Sexy Black Couples

As an African American author of Romance Novels, I am curious about the Ghosting of images of sexy black couples. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, let me explain. Many writers probably have done this. You write a novel in which your main characters are African American. You’ve envisioned them in all types of shades of beauty. From light to dark-skinned, you don’t discriminate in the variety of beauty that can be appreciated in either the male or female form. Now it is time for a book cover. You know not to create one yourself, and leave it to the professionals. But who can’t help going online as you dream of success to search for images that represent what you are looking for in a book cover? In your search, you find countless romantic, gorgeous, sexy, sweet, and sometimes downright sensual images that you would love to be on the cover of your romance novel. You may even save a couple of these pictures to make sure your book cover designer has a good idea of what you are looking for your cover. But when it is time to make your book cover, these pictures are ghosts—phantoms of copyright whose rights for usage is nowhere to be found. Like a desperate image addict looking for their next fix, you scour the internet for any images that come close to what you want that you can use legally, but none are available. Why oh, why in 2020 are these types of images not available in greater quantity for use? Don’t get me wrong my book covers designer has worked miracles for my covers, and I sincerely love them. How she found the images she found is beyond the scope of my imagination. I still wished that there was a more extensive selection of pictures that represent the range of diversity, and sex appeal in black skin was available commercially. I won’t even bother to discuss the variety of hairstyles. My only plea to photographers is to either give your images to these many image outlets so they can be seen or start taking them because they are grossly under-represented.

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