• Marie Q. Francois

The Professor

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Just launched The Professor, and I've got four books on the sidelines, ready to go, and they fight like children to be next. My Brother's Keeper, The Kiss, Kissed Awake and Accidental Fan. As if their constant prattling wasn't enough to make my brain explode, the sixth book in its infancy screamed its head off because I hadn't had the time to pick him up. Such is life for an author. What is the hold-up, you ask? Names. Yes, I said names. Would you believe I can write several books using the same names for different characters because I don't know the real names of my characters yet? The way I figure its no different than naming an actual baby. I can list all the names I want, but until the birth and I look in that baby's eyes, I don't know their names. I'm planning to ask for your ideas for great leading names for males and female leads. Please keep a lookout for a page I will post for this contest.

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